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BestPump launched the ‘BlockBuster’ pump and screw feeder system back in 2004 when we deployed our first butter block re-worker system in Fox’s Biscuits in Batley, Yorkshire, England.

Since then, as well as 25kg butter blocks, we have developed and refined our Screw Feeder technology to work with pastes, lumps, doughs and other ‘unpumpable’ materials.

This video shows a selection of the materials we can can pump and some of the add-ons and enhancements that we can offer to make food processing and food production easier, safer, more efficient and more consistent.

Check out this compilation video that shows how BestPump can take unpumpable materials and, using ingenious and innovative pump and screw feeder technology, make them pumpable.

We really can pump the unpumpable!

While this video is fascinating from start to finish, we appreciate that you may not have a whole 7 or 8 minutes to watch the entire thing so you can use the below highlights guide to skip to the relevant parts for you:

0:19 – Fig Paste discs
0:51 – 12½ kg Blocks of hard shortening
0:56 – Golf ball test
1:51 – Concentrated Sticky Fruit Paste
3:02 – Concentrated fruit cubes
3:25 – Moist, flaky materials
3:47 – Bouillon (de-hydrated stock)
5:25 – 25kg butter blocks straight from the chill at 3°C
6:15 – Extruding sheets of butter
6:30 – Fat blocks extruded in 1mm strands for reduced mixing times
6:49 – Batching ingredients directly into mixers

Enjoy this video and then contact us if you need help with some unpumpable, non-flowing material. You can reach us on +44 (0)1236 433799.