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Pump the Unpumpable!

Screw Feeder Pump Systems

Process, pump & extrude bulk solids & other high viscosity media.

Solutions for butter blocks, shortening cubes, thick pastes & high viscosity fillings.

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Our pumps & screw feeders are used by many food producers in the UK, Europe, North America & Asia including respected brands like:

Baker and Baker
Border Biscuits
Dare Foods
Fox's Biscuits
Southwest Baking

Let our screw feeder pump machines improve your production


Achieve consistent and repeatable results regardless of temperature, seasonal changes and other variables.


Reduce mixing and / or melting times and eliminate waste batches by eradicating lumps and unmixed ingredients.


Protect employees by minimising manual handling and outdated methods of weighing and portioning.

How our screw feeder pump machine can improve your current production tasks

Butter block knife

Reduce manual handling & avoid manual Cutting

Melt butter

Remove the need to melt or temper fats before use

Butter block in mixer

Protect mixers, reduce mixing time, remove lumps

Pump butter to mixer tank or bowl

Pump directly into mixer bowl or tank via pipework

How do you process and pump solid, semi-solid & high viscosity food ingredients?

Butter blocks on conveyor of screw feeder
  • Is working with heavy solids or viscous ingredients a major headache for you?
  •  Are you risking injury by using knives to cut blocks of fat or other hard materials?
  • Do your mixers take too long and regularly fail as they struggle to break down tough ingredients that they were never designed to handle?
  • Are batches being wasted because of inconsistencies or lumps & corners in the final mix?
  • Are you wasting time, energy and space with temperature controlled tempering areas?

We saw these everyday concerns in many food production scenarios and that’s why we developed the ultimate hygienic screw feeder & pump solution!

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Butter Portioning Slicing into Logs or Cylinders

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Butter Pump Screw Feeder Walkround

Butter Pump Screw Feeder Walkround

As shown in this butter pump screw feeder walkround video, when you want to pump batches up to around 50kg of high viscosity material or even solid blocks, our 'BlockBuster Lite' is the solution. Simply load the product into the hopper, shut the safety lid to engage...

Cheese rework and pump

Cheese rework and pump

Watch the BestPump 'BlockBuster' do butter and cheese rework and pump the product with different extruder heads. Butter and Cheese Rework

Features & Benefits of our Screw Feeder & Pump Solutions

Food safe hygienic design

Hygienic Design


5 to 150kg per minute

Spare parts

Minimal Spare Parts

Product consistency

Product Consistency

Easy to clean

Easy to Clean

Modular design

Modular Design

Preset recipes

Preset Recipes

Dosing function

Dosing Function

Mobile design

Fully Mobile System Design


Auto or Manual Loading

Variable flow rate

Fixed or Variable Flow Rates

Variable pipework

Variable Length Pipework


Touchscreen or Manual Control

Integrate with other machines

Integrate with Other Machines

Extrude shapes

Extrude Strands, Sheets, Rolls & Shapes

Cut or slice extruded products

Cut or Slice Extruded Product

High viscosity pump solution for bulk solids, viscous pastes and more

Check out the above compilation video that shows how BestPump can take unpumpable materials and make them pumpable with our pump and screw feeder technology.

We really can pump the unpumpable!

Enjoy the video and then contact us if you need help with some unpumpable, non-flowing material. You can reach us on +44 (0)1236 433799.

Use the below highlights guide to skip to the relevant parts for you:

0:19 – Fig Paste discs
0:51 – 12½ kg Blocks of hard shortening
0:56 – Golf ball test
1:51 – Concentrated Sticky Fruit Paste
3:02 – Concentrated fruit cubes
3:25 – Moist, flaky materials
3:47 – Bouillon (de-hydrated stock)
5:25 – 25kg butter blocks straight from the chill at 3°C
6:15 – Extruding sheets of butter
6:30 – Fat blocks extruded in 1mm strands for reduced mixing times
6:49 – Batching ingredients directly into mixers

Screw feeder pump marzipan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about screw feeders and pumps.

What is a screw feeder / auger feeder?

A screw feeder (auger feeder) is a modular machine that positively feeds bulk solids and non-flowing viscous materials into the suction port of a high viscosity pump.

Our screw feeders typically use a pair of screws (augers) to move and progress product towards the pump inlet.

What can I do with a screw feeder?

A screw feeder enables you to pump bulk viscous materials that cannot be pumped using conventional pumps alone.

How do you clean a screw feeder?

The system can be cleaned either in-place or can easily be wheeled to a wash bay.

Strip-cleaning the machine is quick and easy using hot water & standard stainless-steel cleaning chemicals.

The screws (augers) are easily removed using the included removal trolley. The pump front cover can be removed to allow flushing / cleaning out of the internal pumping chambers around the rotors.

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