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Screw Feeder & Pump Systems

Process, Pump & Extrude Bulk Solids, blocks, Chunks, Viscous Pastes and Other Non-Flowing Media
What can we pump?

Let us take away the headache of processing your bulk solids and high viscosity media.

If you work with heavy ingredients that are in blocks, lumps, chunks or stiff paste form, we’d like to introduce you to our range of twin screw pump feeders.

Our screw feeders process bulk solids and high viscosity pastes and pump them to the next stage of your production. We remove manual handling & safety concerns while increasing consistency & throughput.

Butter blocks

Screw feeder pump marzipan

We Pump products whether they flow or not!

The ultimate hygienic pump feeder solution for pumping the ‘unpumpable’!

Our twin screw pump feeder is a convenient way of taking awkward heavy blocks, chunks or high viscosity media and pumping them out in a pliable, consistent & ready-to-mix condition – ideal for mixing, extruding etc..

Load, Process, Pump!

Screw feeder pump

Screw Feeder & Pump System

 ‘The BlockBuster’

  • Easily process and pump butter blocks, shortening cubes, bulk solids, viscous creams, fillings, batters & high viscosity pastes
  • Suitable for processing ambient, chilled and some frozen products
  • Volumetric metering capability
  • Integrated conveyor or manual loading options
  • Optional integration of controls with load cells, floor scales, mixers and other equipment
  • Extrude sheets, rolls, logs, shapes or strands then slice into portions

Screw Feeder Pump Systems Designed for Different Applications

Screw feeder pump with conveyor

Conveyor Loading

Designed for high capacity processing of large uniform block products that retain shape and do not stick to surfaces. Ideal for butter, shortening, cheese and other fats.

Screw feeder and pump system no conveyor

Manual Loading

For small batch processing, product can be manually loaded into the safety guarded screw hopper inlet. Ideal for processing a batch of paste or 2 or 3 blocks of fat.  

High viscosity screw feeder designs

Customised Loading

Bespoke design screw feeders to work with your mixing equipment and transfer batches from mixer to processing equipment. Unload mixed batches straight into the screws.