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Pump Screw Feeders

Typical Applications

Process bulk products then pump & extrude.

Reduce manual handling & heavy lifting.

Save energy - no heat or tempering required!

Consistent products 24/7/365 & no wasted batches.

dose directly into mixer tankS or kettleS.

Bulk butter blocks 25kg 50kb

Pump solid blocks & bulk products

Different products behave in different ways and variables like product composition, temperature, shape etc. also have an impact on how products handle and move.

If your product is not listed, we are always happy to test new products so please get in touch to arrange a trial.

Typical Products that we pump

  • Butter blocks
  • Bouillon / stock cubes
  • Caramel
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Chicken fat
  • Date paste
  • Dehydrated stock
  • Fig paste
  • Fruit concentrates
  • Marzipan
  • Palm oil blocks
  • Proteins
  • Shortening cubes
  • Sticky pastes

Product Types we can pump

As long as the product can be loaded into the hopper and processed by our heavy duty screw feeders, we can most likely pump it.


  • Solid blocks 10kg, 12.5kg & 25kg
  • Cubes
  • Slabs
  • Lumps
  • Chunks
  • Unload complete freshly mixed batch of product from a mixer
Typical applications of products we can pump
Food extruder

Extrude thin strands

Dropping heavy blocks of solid fat into your mixer or kettle can result in damage to equipment, extended mixing or melting times and inconsistent results and even wasted batches of final product caused by lumps and corners of fat.

Melt or mix fats rapidly by extruding strands of fat as thin as 1mm!

Laminating butter sheets

Extrude sheets

Buying in ready-made sheets of butter for croissant lamination can be expensive. With our machines, you can convert your bulk butter or shortening blocks into a continuous stream of sheet product to your width and thickness ready for laying onto pastry.

Produce your own sheets of fat to your required dimensions.


Pump butter through pipe

Extrude shapes

Pump out your product via pipework with a plain open end or develop new products with a bespoke extruder head of any shape or size (within reason).

We’ve been asked to produce circular logs or rolls of butter, rectangular blocks, small discs of flavoured butters and even Christmas tree and star shapes!