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Our latest innovation is to develop an automated butter portioning slicing system using our world-renowned ‘BlockBuster’ pump and screw feeder.

Producers in the dairy and butter production sector use the BestPump ‘BlockBuster’ pump and screw feeder system to convert cold 25kg or 50lb blocks from heavy block form to something more easy to work with.

BestPump BlockBuster for butter portioning and slicing

We typically rework the blocks and pump through pipework terminating in an extruder of some description e.g. a showerhead or circular shape.

Pump viscous products

This has led to a demand for the discharged butter to be portioned or sliced into individual portions such as logs or cylinders.

Butter portioning & slicing system

The result is an effective butter portioning & slicing mechanism which is located at the end of the discharge pipework and cuts the butter tube into equally sized portions.

With infinite adjustment to output sizes possible, the result is a versatile and easy-to-use rework and portion system.

As can be seen in the video, the system can be deployed to discharge vertically with an Operator catching each portion and then stacking for wrapping later. Alternatively, and the recommended mode of operation, a conveyor can be located at the discharge point and each portion can then be taken away by the conveyor and wrapped by Operators downstream of the system.

When working with butter, it is crucial that the temperature is as low as possible to maintain a firm final product that retains its shape.

The system is also good for portioning other products such as firm pastes like Marzipan.

We’d be delighted to hear from you should you be interested in a bespoke pumping system that takes ‘unpumpable’, high viscosity materials and converts them into the consistency, batch-size, portion-size or shape that you need.

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