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When you need to rework butter, a BestPump BlockBuster is the best and most cost-effective butter re-worker on the market.

The butter block is reworked by twin stainless steel augers within a stainless steel chamber and progressed towards the system outlet.

At the outlet, the reworked butter is positively fed into a positive displacement pump that is designed to transfer high viscosity materials – ideal for reworked butter and other fats.

Rework butter discharged through 3mm extruder

Of course, we can rework butter but equally we can rework shortening, margarine, palm oil, fruit paste, nut paste and many other viscous, non-flowing materials.

Our rework systems can be supplied as a basic twin auger feeder and serve as a component part that you integrate into your existing or new production line.

Alternatively, we can take responsibility for delivering a system that is ready to run out of the box. To see maximum benefit and return on investment, the butter rework process can be automated with a complete system incorporating conveyor, sensors, control panel, batching/dosing pump etc.

The bottom line is that we can deliver as basic or as sophisticated a system as your process and budget requires.

No two rework systems are identical – we know this better than anyone – so we take the time to understand your process and your requirements and then we design, manufacture, test, deliver and install your bespoke rework system.

To date, we have delivered butter rework systems for minimal 25kg per hour flow rates and high-capacity flow rates up to 140kg per minute so we are familiar with many different customer requirements.

Contact us through this website or call us on +44 (0) 1236 433799 to discuss your requirements.

Butter blocks for rework
Rework butter blocks