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BestPump exported their latest BlockBuster twin auger pump feeder system to North Carolina, USA this week.

Designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 140 kg per minute, this was a unit that required a 4 inch rectangular inlet circumferential piston pump and was actually our highest flow rate on a solid fat system to date.

Our customer required a method of taking 22½ kg (50 lb) blocks of solid shortening and reworking the fat.

BestPump supplied a system with a 4 metre (13ft) food grade conveyor that delivered the blocks to a twin auger chamber. The stainless steel screws (augers) demolished the shortening blocks and fed the pump. The pump then discharged consistent, lump-free plasticised shortening into a mixer via 12 metres (40 ft) of 6 inch diameter stainless steel pipework.

Shortening Rework Pump Project Photos

Shortening Rework Pump Project Video