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BestPump designed, supplied and installed an automated butter block handling system for Fox’s Biscuits in Batley, Yorkshire, UK.

The project allows chilled 25kg butter blocks to be loaded on to an incline conveyor – straight out of the refrigerator – up to thirteen at a time (325kg).

From the conveyor, the blocks are fed into a hopper which feeds the twin auger chamber of the butter handling machine. When fully loaded, the chute and auger chamber accepts a further four butter blocks giving a fully loaded capacity of seventeen blocks (425kg).

A heavy duty circumferential piston pump accepts the processed butter and pumps the viscous butter down 50 metres of jacketed, four inch stainless steel pipeline to multiple outlets positioned over a a series of mixers on load cells.

The discharge outlets feature extruder heads that result in a spaghetti-like texture that is consistent, lump-free and perfect for mixing into the various biscuit recipes with minimal mixing time.

This automated butter supply system virtually eliminates the intense manual labour previously required in butter handling and preparation within the factory, freeing up staff for more important tasks and increasing efficiency, productivity and safety in the workplace.

Fox’s Biscuits in Batley, Yorkshire, UK was  BestPump’s first butter pump customer and at the last check in 2018, the system was still going strong!

View the system in action in the video below.

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